The Father’s Love

To be very honest with you, God usually teaches me what I am writing about, it may be after I write about what ever it is… seems kinda strange to me, but His ways are higher than my ways, and I don’t need to wonder or worry about why, I just need to simply TRUST…
I consider Father God to be like a father to me, I often ask Him advice on every day matters, I go to Him when I am sad and need comforted, I thank Him for all sweet things He does for me and I know no matter what, He is often trying to teach me, guide me, help me to become who He knows I can be.

With all of this said, I sometimes still defy Him, go against what I kinda know He wants me to do and I end up throwing a temper tantrum, like as in crying and screaming (not on the ground but in my heart and sometimes in public). Then I find my way back to His loving arms crying my heart out, as He comforts me, encourages me and undoubtedly reassures me that He loves me no matter what.
He reassures me that He does know best… That I can count on Him, that I can ultimately TRUST Him. The word TRUST is over used a bit, in my mind anyway, but I am kind of the queen of over using words, I mean anyone who knows me knows this about me. So maybe it is my fault, maybe I didn’t really know or fully understand what the word TRUST really meant. Honestly I think I throw it around a lot, maybe I need to stop doing that, either way I know that God taught me a valuable lesson yesterday amongst all my tears and pain, He taught me that He has got me and I need to let go. I need to STOP trying to figure everything out, I need to stay in today, see what He has for me today and not run ahead inside of my head……
I realize a lot of my blogs are written about this similar subject, but isn’t this the journey we are on? As followers of Christ learning to surrender IT ALL to HIM…… Let Him lead our way, direct our path, order our steps. I believe God wants deeper surrender from all of us and I am not sure if we can ever get there fully until Jesus returns and those of us who believe go to heaven. But I do believe that it is part of our journey here on earth. Saved to Surrendered! And sometimes it’s kinda painful, but ALWAYS JOY on the other side…….
Let me know your thoughts…..


2 thoughts on “The Father’s Love

  1. Lindsay!! I really love this! I am battling this myself and my mentor is trying so hard to get me to see exactly this.I know it is really questinable or it is to me annyway,that trust is over rted.Just a tad.I would love to be able o say that it has een easy to trust Go after everything that has happened to me,but I an’t.It does get easier over time,but I am still learning! Thank you so very much! Thsi helped me a lot to see what she was talking about and you kinda read my mind!! lol

  2. Brit, I love that! Yes that is ALL God honey!!! He lines His children up to learn from each other! I wasn’t saying “TRUST” is overrated, I was saying that we use the word a lot without thinking about what TRUST really entails… Sometimes we have to think and meditate on what it means to TRUST GOD!!! He adores you and has good things ahead… Don’t live in fear… that is the enemy! He who is IN US is stronger than HE who is IN THE WORLD.. LOVE YOU!

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