Praying for your future “helpmate”

I honestly have never really prayed much for my husband. I always kind of thought God already knew what I wanted plus I didn’t really know how, I know that sounds weird.

I guess what I am saying is that I felt a little weird telling God what I wanted in a mate?

I had a dear mentor of mine challenge me to pray in great detail for my husband, as he reminded me praying for my husband is not selfish, God says in His word “it is not good for man (or women) to be alone” and God also says “we have not because we ask not”, my mentor told me to pray for my future husband as if I were painting a picture of our life together. I am a visual person so I started to imagine, what would I want, what do I truly desire in a mate? It was really revealing, it helped me to pray in more detail about our life together, my future husband’s character, and our marriage even.

prayer-on-my-knees4 man-praying-dark

Then as I was reading a book called  “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson– fantastic read by the way, he talked about WHY God wants us to pray (I mean He knows us better than we know ourselves, so doesn’t He KNOW what I desire) the book went on to explain how maybe it is God wanting to know if WE know what we desire, do we know what we want? I was so taken back by this comment in the book; I honestly had not ever thought of it like that, Batterson went on to reference Mark 10:51 in the Bible where Jesus encounters a blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” “Go” said Jesus, “Your faith has healed you” the Bible goes on to say “Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.”

Isn’t that interesting, Jesus asked the blind man what he wanted, even though He knew.

It really challenged me to think beyond what I see. What is “out there” as some of us think, it reminded me that God really is God, He created the Universe (not just the earth, the entire UNIVERSE) and He really can do more than we can ask or imagine. (Ephes. 3:20) He writes great stories; He writes great love stories, stories of redemption and He does it all for His glory!

I want to encourage all of you man or women to pray intentionally for your spouse if that be your hearts desire, pray like you are painting a picture, and pray about the everyday things you desire in a marriage.

For me, I love to read and quality time is my love language, I heard Beth Moore say one time that her husband sits on the edge of the bathtub and reads to her as she styles her hair and puts on her make-up in the morning,  I thought, YES, I would LOVE that. I want a husband who enjoys spending time with me.  I know that seems simple, but is it? What if we prayed and wrote down the desires of our heart for a future mate and just what if the God of the universe blessed us with that, wouldn’t that be a great story????

God is faithful and I believe He will!

Leave a comment, tell us what you desire in your future “helpmate”


2 thoughts on “Praying for your future “helpmate”

  1. L- I love love love this. I am challenged this morning to give God a clear picture of some things I deeply desire. While I have the most amazing spouse in the world, there are so, so many areas where I want to clarify desires to my father AND ask for them. I have not because I ask not! That’s so true! Thank you for the challenge this morning- xo

  2. Ok- I thought more about this and I want to list some things I desire on here for you. You put yourself out there to talk about wanting a husband, and now I want to share a few deep desires with you. Here goes: I want another baby one day. I deeply desire a sibling for James (maybe even 2 or 3!!!), I desire to only get better and never worse- (For instance- I don’t really desire to walk normally as much as I desire to not break my leg again.). I desire to spend the rest of my life telling the world how God saved me. (Side note: it is so cool how this was always a desire and now people hear it differently.) I desire to live a life that simply says thank you. I also desire to eat chocolate everyday and live in a bakery.

    Also, I feel yucky about writing that I have the best spouse in the world. While I feel that is true, it is prideful of me and possibly painful for you to hear. I deeply apologize. He is the most amazing spouse in the world FOR ME. That’s all.

    Love you-

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