About the BLOG

My name is Lindsay Morgan Snyder and this is my blog, I named it “Putting the Pencil Down” because I find it is easier said or typed on the top of a blog than done.  I want to discuss the struggle, the grace and the expectant heart of a moment by moment surrender to the One who Created the Universe, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith, writing His story for you and I, as we put the pencil into His capable hands and walk forward with Him, step by step……. moment by moment!

This blog is about the struggle of Letting God be God…. trying to stay in the moment, be present, instead of planning our life away, stopping to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD, instead of waiting and wishing for the next “thing”……vacation, a spouse, a spouse who loves better, a baby, a grand-baby, a different house, the weekend, the end of the work day. Whatever it is, we just want and want and want the next thing…. We forget that God created the Universe, the entire Universe and He wants a relationship with each one of us, He has a plan and purpose for our life, if we would just TRUST Him and stop trying to control everything we would see as He leads! I am talking to myself here, it is a moment by moment choice I have to make to give the pencil back to my Maker, the One who created me in my mother’s womb and knew me before time began, who planned and purposed my life already. Put the Pencil Down Lindsay….. Put.it.Down and just TRUST.

Wanna Chat, email me at Lindsay@lindsaysnyder.com or leave a “reply”


2 thoughts on “About the BLOG

  1. You are a beautiful woman who radiates the love of Jesus! I SO enjoyed our lunch yesterday and hearing how God has moved in your life. It is a joy to be your friend.

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