Healing Prayer and Help

Inner Healing, Deliverance and Prayer Counseling Resources

I have personally experienced all of these ministries… I would use your discernment and do as the Lord leads YOU, but for me, they were all very fruitful and I learned a lot, uncovered painful lies that held me back in life and as the result of these ministries, I have come into a deeper intimate walk with Jesus!

“Self care is not selfish, rather it is good Stewardship”

Julie Marchman


This is a weekly or bi-weekly counseling session see website for more information, she also holds a Restoration Workshop.


Robert Tidd

Email me for phone number!

Robert is an ordained minister, has a degree in Biblical studies and in counseling, he works by day as engineer but feels called by God to help restore people back to wholeness. His first session is free; he will work with you on cost after that.


Sozo Prayer at Riverstone Church


for more information on what Sozo is, see here http://www.riverstoneonline.org/sozo


Hope Mentoring- Buckhead Church

For more information on this http://www.buckheadchurch.org/hope


Mentors for Life-Jamie Massey- Life Church International

If you are looking for a mentoring program that will focus on such disciplines as fasting, prayer, bible study and meditation. Email Jamie and ask her more about the mentoring program



Cloud Walk/Life Compass Small Group

See website for more information on this:



I believe there is a season for everything…A lot of what I have been through has not been easy but it has been healing and drawn me closer to Jesus in the most amazing way, I trust that God is using all of this to prepare me to do what He has purposed me to do here on earth!

God will direct your steps, seek Him with all your heart, soul and mind…let Him lead YOU!



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