I most recently read the book The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, if you follow me on facebook or twitter you probably know, because the entire time I was reading it I could not stop “talking about it” .. I recently encouraged a friend to read it and she literally said “this book is changing my life”! Sounds dramatic? Maybe, but I am telling you this book is SO good, click here to watch the “trailer” for the book and also find free resources. Batterson is FUNNY, honest, vulnerable and a GREAT storyteller! It’s all on praying circles around your BIGGEST Dreams and Greatest Fears!!! If you read it, come comment and let the rest of us know how you liked it!

Another book I am about to finish is LOVE DOES by Bob Goff, this man is hilarious, no wait hysterical, outrageous, brilliant, and honest. He just DOES LOVE like no one I have ever seen, not saying he DOES it better, just saying he DOES it with such extravagance it’s amazing, he reminds me that although there is place for structure and organization and mission statements and mission trips, there is something SO like Jesus to just GO AND DO, GO AND LOVE without a plan, I am a bit of a butterfly so I like his thinking, this could drive others nuts, but nevertheless you will LOVE his stories. truly unbelievable.. and he gives all the credit to Jesus.. You will laugh OUT LOUD, you will shed some tears, your eyes will get BIG and your mouth will drop. click here for a video to tell you more!


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