I love stories! I am a Storyteller at heart.  I want to write people’s stories, I want to share people’s stories with people that can find encouragement, that can relate! God says nothing will be wasted, “our mess is our ministry” or maybe it’s better to say “our mess can minister to someone!”, no matter how big or how small the worlds problems aren’t THAT DIFFERENT. What we have been through will resonate with someone else, even if we can’t imagine, because we “think” this is too ugly to share. I love stories of REDEMPTION…. God’s redeeming power is AMAZING to me! The Bible is filled with these kind of stories, but so is our life today, God is still at WORK, delivering His people from the muck and mire of this world. AND I want to write about it!!!

I want to hear and write about THOSE stories, of God’s glory in YOUR LIFE!

If you have a story that you want to share with me, write me an email, let’s connect, let’s talk about your story……..


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