The House of Hope {Love Kenya}

The heart behind this ministry is to partner together in the states with Beatrice Mungai a native Kenyan, as she helps support the women who faithfully discipled her and brought her to the saving knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.  Esther Githumbi; is her name, she houses and disciples anyone who is in need (in need of Jesus Christ) she lives in the village of Karacta, near the town of Naivasha. Esther doesn’t have a name for her ministry but her house is open for anybody seeking help. Beatrice calls it the House of Hope, because it is where she found Hope, where she found the Hope of Jesus.

The vision is to support Esther, provide for her needs as she reaches people in Kenya with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

We want to first partner in prayer for this woman!

We want to also partner with her to carry on the work of the mission in Kenya.

“have people to pour into faithful men who will pour into faithful men!”

For more information contact: Patty Turner at 678-491-9118 or pattyturnerworthy98@gmail.com



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